Fa La Long with Backflip on 25 Days To Christmas


Today we're embarking upon a social media challenge of epic proportions. Watch the video, read the rules, and start sharing!

[video id=uD6TXZGR2yg]

NOT actual prize, your basket will be way more woke

The Prizes

  1. A sweet gift basket with our favorite food and drinks for the holiday season
  2. Backflip will donate $100 to a pre-approved charity of your choosing
  3. Some sweet Backflip schwag

 The Rules

  1. Interact with one of our social media posts over the next 25 days which have the hashtag #bkfChristmas
  2. For every like/share/retweet, you get one point for a max of 3 points a day
  3. For every reply/comment/extra interaction, you get up to 3 additional points
  4. Max 6 points each day, 150 for the whole contest
  5. In the case of a tie, Backflip will choose the winner based on the most creative interactions in the competition

We've got a lot of fun stuff coming up so please remember to like/share/subscribe and do all the things on our social networks:

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