Storytelling and Your Brand: A Non-Ironic Love Story


When many companies think of their brand, product, or identity as a whole, they tend to focus on the standard business-oriented aspects of cost and profitability. Occasionally they may have a marketing department who'd question how to sell the item to potential buyers, but while focusing closely on the aforementioned aspects.

Many times the outcome of these meetings will result in a standard product demo or basic slideshow showcasing the features or highlights of the product. While this might be fine to convey the information that immediately comes to mind, it drastically lowers the chance that the viewer will walk away remembering what they saw. How do we here at Backflip fix this? By shifting the focus of your marketing to a more story driven product.

Making a video that clients can see themselves in is a highly effective marketing tool Making a video that clients can easily see themselves in, is a highly effective marketing tool

It doesn't matter what your company does or manufactures, by having a video whose main focus is to create some kind of an emotional connection between it and the viewer, you immediately have gained longer memory life inside their head.

Instead of them reading a document about what your services can do for them, the viewer is watching a short video featuring fellow customers talking about how using you saved their homes, businesses, lives, etc. or how great the staff treated them in their time of need.

While facts are easier to digest in a hurry, making an emotional connection is far more effective at keeping the viewer thinking about you long after they've left your building. You gain the ability to stick in their head so tomorrow, next week, or months from now it'll be your company that they'll remember instead of someone else. This is where we come in.

A Girl walking along a path in the fall Visuals create emotions that words cannot!

We specialize in creating videos that make a connection with your audience whether it's making them laugh, cry, or just be amused for a few minutes. We've created videos that have showcased individuals who tell how going to the UW has changed who they are for the better, all while focusing on the person themselves and not on the school. We took a different approach with a video for an all girl's camp where we showcased one young girl's time there instead of simply showing static shots of the different activities.

The common thread between these videos is that we focused less on specifics for the company or organization and instead showed or heard from the people who experienced it first hand. This allows the viewer to imagine themselves in the subjects place and to get them thinking the all important "Yeah, I can see myself doing that..."


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