Flying Drones and sUASs for photography or video


Two weeks ago I passed my unmanned aircraft systems test. This is part of the new Part 107 regulations from the FAA for commercial use of drones and sUASs. I've received my remote airman's certificate so we are ready to fly commercially!

img_8915 I'm actually happy but the sun is so bright, so bright!

This means we can offer drone videography and photography services to Madison Wisconsin and all over the United States. With Backflip providing a certified airman, you can have confidence that the quality will be awesome, the use is legal/the FAA won't fine you, and all risks will be managed effectively. Aerial photography is now within your reach.

There is also now a simple way to request an exemption from the FAA to fly in places that would normally be restricted.With enough planning and lead time, we can fly almost anywhere.

We have two 4K sUASs (small Unmanned Aircraft Systems commonly referred to as drones) ready for most applications. For more cinematic or film work we'll select the right system for the job. Whether you want to fly the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera or a RED, we'll get it up into the sky.

Call or email to see how we can help!

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