Storyboarding tips




We purchased a Wacom tablet this afternoon to streamline our storyboarding process a bit more. I was really excited to test it out but ended up having to scrap a half hour of work because I made a few mistakes. Here they are, learn from them:

  • read the script - i thought i had the right idea/text in my head, it turns out that I didn't. The script was a little different than what I used and I ended up going in the wrong direction with the storyboard
  • label correctly - i labeled the job the wrong, too excited to be bothered with correct title
  • read your notes - again, i went in the wrong direction because i didn't look at our original sketches
  • read the script - yeah, i feel dumb for missing this ;)

We bought the 'Bamboo Capture Pen & Touch' model and so far love it. Once I setup the software and preferences it really helped streamline our process. Anyone else have examples of storyboarding that caused a palm-to-forehead experience? Share it in the comments.

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