Backflip's Black Friday Sale


Now that you're back home from the stores tending to your wounds, here is our own spin on the Black Friday sale!

Backflip Black Friday

Usually we don't get into the whole "Black Friday" thing. I'm just not real keen on curling up in a sleeping bag in a parking lot so that I can bull rush an iPhone display rack at 12am in the hopes that I might be able to save a few bucks while subjecting myself to the risk of getting shot or trampled in the mobile section at Best Buy.

But if you're like me, you may choose to participate in the annual sale from the safety of your home computer by grabbing a bargain online while sipping a hot chocolate.

Hot Chocolate = Good

Shot and Trampled = Bad

This year you can do more than you family Christmas shopping on Black Friday. You can book the next video production for your business or organization and receive a 25% discount. Just contact Ryan or John and mention this ad to get your project underway.

Stay safe and have a great holiday weekend!

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