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Over the years we've created a lot of content. We do regular Christmas videos, spoof videos, random creative pieces, and we even created a web show. One of the things we love to do most, is talk about how the heck we do what we do. I'm talking about, of course, The Let's Backflip Show. Until now, it's been a show on YouTube. We want to continue that, but we also want to meet you where you're at!

Now, once a week we'll be publishing The Let's Backflip Show as a podcast! That means every Thursday you'll get this production and marketing goodness in your earholes on whatever platform you're on. That's right, we're on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Blubrry, Stitcher.

We're starting today with the first episode and will be releasing one every week after. We have about 20 in the can, with versions on youtube, and another 6 new ones that haven't been released yet!

You can subscribe and listen on all your favorite platforms:





Let us know in the comments what you want us to talk about.