Scott's Top Sales Tool at a Creative Agency


If you clicked on this post expecting to read about the latest and greatest technology-based sales tools I use, I regret to inform you that is not the case. Though what I intend to talk about is equally as valuable as, if not more valuable than, any digital sales tool.. Curious now?

To this day, my favorite sales tool is.... drum roll please...

Inviting potential clients to our office.

It’s a win-win in the best way. It takes the clients away from the distractions of their work environment, and instead, focuses their time with us on discussing their important marketing and ad project(s). It also allows our guest(s) to meet the Backflip team, including creative directors, editors, and owners. We've found this is extremely unique in marketing! Normally you meet just a sales person, but with us you get to meet everyone! We give a tour our office and studio (where the magic happens), while enjoying a beverage (occasionally even popcorn) and watching some of our work. 

Although this may take more time than a phone call, it’s generally more efficient as you get further, and faster, in the sales process. Even as “modern rush businesslike” as we all get, the relational aspect of in-person meetings is indispensable. This is especially true regarding the oft-cited and ever-important intangibles, such as positive creative energy, understanding, trust, problem solving, and collaboration.

After the initial in-person meeting, I’m tool agnostic. Whatever gets the job done most effectively and efficiently. Email, phone call, video call, text message, client relationship manager, even paper (remember writing letters? I should probably do that more) all have their place. We learn over time which preferences our client may have, what works best and react accordingly.

And last, but certainly not least, for sheer fun, I like to hand out Backflip swag as a parting gift that leaves our clients with subtle reminders of how awesome, cool, and fun the Backflip team is. Is that a sales tool? Maybe. But ultimately, I view it as a token of appreciation and friendship. Perhaps that is why it is so satisfying. : )


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