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At 6 years old, I was taken to the hospital with an illness that kept me there for two weeks ...

I'll tell you more about my diagnosis in a minute. First, what emotions do you feel after reading the opening sentence? You probably started to wonder where this story is going. Maybe you imagined a little kid who is sick and needs care. What can you do? How could you have helped if you had been there?

What does it take to move the University of Wisconsin forward? Appeal videos that tell heart touching stories and show the powerful good of donations.

Your donors are motivated by many things, but the strongest factor for any nonprofit campaign is emotion. Not all donation appeal videos recount a past illness or time of distress. Some tell lighter stories and have a more uplifting tone. There are many ways to show the great work that your non-profit does for the world.


Have you ever seen one of those charity videos that were all about numbers of volunteers and percentage growth of an organization? Or that simply said, "We need money, so send it to us"? How well do you think those video campaigns succeeded at motivating donors?

We can tell you from years of experience: numbers don't get donations, people do. A non-profit campaign video must create a personal emotional connection.

Your next donation appeal needs a video that:

The Immaculate Heart of Mary buildings needed renovations, and that takes money. Watch how Backflip helped tell their story and raise needed funds.

  1. Shows your story
  2. Emotionally engages the people watching, and
  3. Clearly demonstrates the good that you bring to the world.

At Backflip, we have had the pleasure of working with multiple non-profits on their donation campaigns. We understand the importance of your work, as well as the financial needs of your operation.

This is why large charities have come to us year-after-year. For example, we've told heart touching stories through film for the Diocese of Madison, engaging the community and demonstrating the good deeds happening every day. Each year, the donation appeal videos in conjunction with other marketing efforts raises roughly $3 million for them.

The University of Wisconsin Alumni Association also benefited from the power of personal story telling in their fundraising campaigns. Backflip worked with the UW Alumni Association through every step of the process, just as we can for you. These beautiful non-profit videos inspire nostalgia, share exciting progress, and show how your donation helps individual students realize their goals at the UW.

If you were still wondering, my illness was tonsillitis. The doctors eventually decided to take out my tonsils, and everything ended well. Now your people need you to help their stories end well. Email us today so we can start your donation appeal video:

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