How To Make a New Product Launch Video That Actually Helps Your Marketing Campaign


This is the most important new product launch campaign ever for your company. You have invested so much money in meetings, in development, for focus groups, in testing, on the prototype, etc. The production line had to be rebuilt not two, but three times to balance maximum quality and efficiency. Finally, the day is near for announcing your new product to the world. Someone says:

“Let’s just create a basic, straightforward product launch video with no frills, that gives customers the facts."

Wait. What? This is fundamentally important but you want something basic?

White papers are for facts. Tech specs are for facts. FACT sheets are for facts! You can certainly put facts in your product launch video but the point of using a video for your product launch campaign is to tell a story. Your customers want to experience something new. They're bombarded with ads about competing products and companies every day. The best way to rise above that noise is to share your story in a unique and entertaining way. That is what will make it shareable on social media, your website, in commercials... and anywhere else your customers are.


PSY ‘Gangnam Style’ at Seoil College, Seoul PSY ‘Gangnam Style’ at Seoil College, Seoul


Think about the videos you share or that are shared with you. They probably have one or more of these qualities: emotional, comedic, clever, amazing, cute, or shocking. These are some of the qualities that will make your video stand out.

Once you've chosen a video quality, think about the unique qualities your company and product have. You now have the seed for a great piece.

How do you take this idea and create a great product launch video? You find a great video production company to help you realize your vision. That's where we come in. At Backflip, we know how to help you launch your product using video to tell awesome stories. We'll optimize your video for viewing on TV, computer, tablet and mobile so that your customers get the best-tailored viewing experience and message no matter where they find your video.

Check out Thermastor's awesome story that we helped tell to launch their new product - a restoration floor fan - in a creative video campaign: Red Beats Blue! In the first month, the video passed 50k views on YouTube and Facebook.

And the action film follow-up with ninjas, a car chase, and an explosion: DryMax with a Vengeance.

Send us an email, and let’s start talking about your story. We want to create an awesome video for your next new product launch campaign.

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