O Hai Mark, Let's Backflip



As a new year unfolds so too does our new brand. From Backflip Film Productions LLC, to Backflip Films, to Backflip, we've been on a journey to discover who we are and what we do. We formed in November of 2007 with five filmmakers and a desire to make awesome video. With the technology landscape changing so drastically we had an opportunity to jump in and start pushing boundaries.

backflip-bannerOver the past eight plus years we've discovered what it takes to run a business and make great art. Along the way the faces have changed but our heart has remained intact. We went from five part-timers in 2007 to three by 2009 and now we have seven full-time staff.  We couldn't be more proud of where we've gotten.

We've also done the opposite of most companies and instead of finding our niche we've diversified our services. Time and again our clients came to us with a need for a cohesive brand and marketing experience. With the lines of technology between web, print, and video completely blurred, it made more sense to bulk up and offer a more robust suite of services.

So now I present to you the new Backflip. We'd love to help you with your: branding, web development, graphic & print design, video production, and live video production. Give us a call and lets make something awesome.



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