"Trim" video goes viral!


Trim from Peter Simon (Petey Boy) on Vimeo.


Petey Boy's viral video was played this morning on the Today Show as part of their "Webtastic" video segment. Well done yet again!

Our friend Peter "Petey Boy" Simon created this great reverse stop motion of his friend Tom shaving off his beard and hair.

Trim from Petey Boy on Vimeo.

If the video wasn't cool enough on it's own, it went viral over night and Peter woke up this morning to features on several well known websites.



The Daily What.


Peter lead our production team in the 48 hour film contest back in 2009. Peter produced and acted in our film, "Missing". Paul Otteson's music, heard above in "Trim", also provided the perfect soundtrack for our quirky detective mystery.

We are proud of Petey and wish him more viral video success on his future projects!

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