The Art to The Out-Of-Office Email


Most people are in a great rush to get everything done at work and at home before leaving to go out of town.  Don’t let them see you sweat! Take 5 extra minutes, or as long as it takes in your high stress situation, to crack yourself up with your own wit as your craft your creative out-of-office email. 

Here's a few emails I've written. I know. Surprise, surprise. I am creative after all!

Example #1 “When the Cat’s Away….”

Thank you for your email!

I am in Florida receiving a 2nd place award with my partners John and Ryan for our documentary "Power in My Hands".  We were initially told it was like the Oscar's and that we would get a statuette, which seemed very, very cool. Booked everything and it turns out our source was not informed correctly, but we do receive an award certificate.  You know, which is nice! (think Caddyshack movie lovers!)

My best guess (don't hold me to it) is that our young employees will be working during this time (if I knew how I'd put an image here of some sort of ping-pong beer party!) while we are away.  608-318-3184 Backflip main office. Jeff & Andrew editing, Madalina producing, Drake website, Luke everything else.

Phone or text for anything urgent.....608-239-8773 mobile.

Otherwise, I will get back to you early the following week starting June 24th.


Scott Pfeil

Example #2 “Gobble-Gobble”

Thank you for your email.  

I'm off on our annual deer hunt way North of the tension line!  I will have very limited cell phone / email service until Wednesday November 22nd.  

In the meantime, feel free to call the office 608-318-3184 or email one of my partners: or

Like in the best Thanksgiving movie ever when Steve Martin's character is soaking wet after failing to find the last rental car on the lot (as it was gone):  He's just steaming mad in customer service waiting for the most bubbly annoying lady in the world to quit talking on the phone to her family about Turkey day and closes her convo with a giggle and "Gobble-Gobble!  How may I help you sir?" And it gets increasingly funny from there “R” rated......Name the show and your favorite other scene for bonus points....

Until then Gobble-Gobble!! : )

Scott Pfeil

Go for it

As a creative agency, we've never found that 'standard' or 'the usual way' gets you anywhere. It might be a nice platform to step off of, but try and jump and get as far as you can. The next time you're writing an out-of-office email add a little humor and/or call-to-action. Show your personality. You'll be well pleased with the result.

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