Get ProRes & Other Apple Codecs Without a Pro App


ProRes export


We recently picked up a new Macbook Retina for editing on the go. Since we are all Adobe all the time I only installed CS6 on this machine. There is no Final Cut, Motion, or Compressor on this machine. This left me without ProRes! With a bit of googling I was able to figure it out. Check out after the break how I got the Apple codecs including ProRes on my new Mac:

  1. Download the codec pkg: (
  2. Download an unpkg tool: (
  3. Run the unpkg tool
  4. Drag the codec pkg downloaded in #1 onto the unpkg tool
  5. Move the files created from step #4 into '/Library/QuickTime'

Voila. The next time you export you will have the ProRes and other Apple Codecs!

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