Introducing the Awarding Winning Backflip Films


Wednesday night was the 2012 Web Audio Video Excellence (WAVE) award show put on by MCA-I Madison, and we won some awards! The WAVE Awards Show recognizes the best web, audio and video media productions in the Greater Madison area. We helped produce the show by bringing the graphics and awards together into a fun two screen keynote along with a melt reel showcasing every video entered (will update with link when it's posted). See what we won after the break.

In the 'Craft - Videography' category we won a Merit award for our piece titled 'Enchanted Barn' done for 'Monirose - Bespoke Gowns and Wedding Party Dresses' (this was a fun project I did for my wife).


The Enchanted Barn - teaser from Backflip Films on Vimeo.

And in the 'Budget' category we won a Wave award for our piece 'Mission Small Business' done for ourselves. We didn't win the $250k grant we were going for but we did get a WAVE out of it.

Mission Small Business from Backflip Films on Vimeo.

We had a blast producing the show and just being a part of such a great community. It was awesome to win awards for pieces that we put together for fun that show our passion and flavor for storytelling. Now... what can we do for next year...

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