New Video Series for the Diocese of Madison


Last thursday the Catholic Church kicked off the Year of Faith. We are working with the Diocese of Madison to produce a series of videos covering the many topics and reasons for the Year of Faith. You can watch the first video in our portoflio section here. Eight videos will follow each focusing on a single topic and will also be narrated by Fr. Chad of the intro video. Follow the Diocese of Madison on YouTube to keep up to date!

This production has been a blast because of all the beautiful and artistic stuff we get to do and the client is invaluable!

Nerdy Stuff:

For this shoot we used our newly acquired Canon 50mm f/1.8 and a 14' VariZoom QuickJib to make this project stand out. The jib was perfect for the intro/outro shots as well as keeping a dynamic feel in a static setup. We rented it from Full Compass and my only complaint was the lack of a good monitor rig. The complimentary monitor that FC provides doesn't have a good way to mount to the jib. They provide a clamp that freezes the monitor in place on the rear weight rod which results in the monitor not being viewable for any jib move beyond parallel to the ground. We ended up gaff taping the monitor to the camera servo control unit which rotates on the rear weight rod providing a view of the monitor no matter how you use the jib.

The new prime resulted in a much nicer, crisper look for the interviews it was used for. Between this and an L series zoom lens I want to purchase I think we'll have some stellar basic glass!

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