Video production in Madison Wisconsin... Why??


In conversations with people we are often asked "Why have a video production company in Madison." The follow up is usually something to the flavor of "Shouldn't you be in California."  It's understandable since Madison isn't known for its video production, but its liberal hippies, cute weasels, and cellular biology.  California, on the other hand is the mystical land of movies.  Wisconsin winters can sometimes start as early as October (snow for halloween!), and continue into April (it just snowed yesterday).  California, much of it, has no idea what winter is.  This means in Wisconsin we have a handful of months to shoot outside whereas the Californians can do it almost year round!  That said, we don't operate in Wisconsin because of the weather, we do it because we live here.

John and I first met at the University of Wisconsin Madison, where we were both studying Film.  We started creating videos for local groups and thus Backflip Films was born.  We saw a need for fresh video production in Madison, so in 2007 we officially incorporated as 'Backflip Film Productions LLC.'  Realizing this was an annoying mouthful, we subsequently registered 'Backflip Film's.'  By this time we'd already graduated and gotten other jobs, but requests kept coming in for videos so we kept chugging along.  Shortly after in 2008 I got married.  Not to be outdone, John got married in the summer of 2009.  Both our families, I now have two daughters and John has one son, decided to stay in Madison.

Thoughts of moving to LA cross every filmmakers mind.  For us, however, Madison is the place.  Who knows, maybe we'll make our first feature in LA.  That is, as long as it's not a movie about endless snow.  On Wisconsin!

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