Video Production in Madison WI


Producing video in Madison, Wisconsin has a lot of advantages for local companies and other clients. Just ask the Wisconsin Foundation Alumni Association how helpful it is to have local, community-engaged partners who help design, storyboard, shoot and produce video for their annual campaign. We’re proud that they have chosen us three years in a row now.

But why does an awesome video production company decide to be based here in Madison? Normally when you think of the production industry, you think California. It is the mecca of tv, film, commercial, and web video production.

What makes Hollywood so special as the home of motion picture production, anyways? Two simple reasons. Year round light and very predictable weather. This means productions are easier to plan and can be produced throughout the year. No snow storms in March to worry about when you’re in the southwest.

Davids Eyes2 These stills are from a sweet piece we’re working on to promote a dehumidifier. It has ninjas and a car chase, because we deliver the rad for our clients.

But we at Backflip chose Madison for our video production and web design company. The simple reason is because this is where we started. John, myself, and the original partners met here during college at UW-Madison over a decade ago and started working for clients in the area. We also met our respective wives and started families here. It would take a very compelling reason to uproot and move both our families.

We haven’t needed to move, however, in large part because it’s so easy to travel around the country for our clients. This year already we have logged travel in DC, San Diego, Las Vegas, and I just got back from the Caribbean where you better believe I was shooting with a drone.

While the lure of the California lifestyle is tempting, video production in Madison is very rewarding and in high demand.. Companies of all types, who lead in their industries, are based in Madison, so we have found a base of amazing clients to serve here in the Midwest. And because of the technological developments of the last 20 years, we have access to the same cameras and tools being used in $150-million-block-busters! This means that we can give our clients stellar video, to share their message and promote their brand, while fitting into midwest budgets.

So, that’s why we’re here. Why should you work with a video production company in Madison, WI? Because we’re your neighbors, and we can better understand you and your needs. Plus, you still get Hollywood-quality video production. Tell us about a project you have in mind.

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