Working with the University of Wisconsin


The University of Wisconsin (Foundation and Alumni Association) brought us in to promote their Annual Appeal. With John and I being alumni we were really excited to show what we loved about the university. There are three videos in this project: Spirit, Academics, and UW Experience.

We wanted to bring the idea of a one-shot-wonder into a story which spans the four years of college. To do this effectively we worked a lot up front on the transitions and going so far as to shoot each video beforehand, with the Backflip team, so we could see how the transitions could work. We also had a lot of firsts on this project: shooting in 4K RAW, using a steadicam (John), and having remote follow focus and review. We did many new things on this project, it was a great challenge and success.

I directed, John DP'd, and Erin produced. Kudos to everyone who made this project awesome!


Spirit follows a student from orientation to graduation and the traditions that he experiences and creates.


Academics follows another student through her trials of college: from her beginning as a shy student unsure of her path, to an acclaimed scientist adding valuable research to the University's science community.


The final video, UW Experience, follows five different students through their time at the University to show a breadth of experiences made possible by generous alumni gifts for student aid.

Check out more of our videos with the Wisconsin Foundation & Alumni Association:

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