Live Production: Snow Mobile 2014


I'm pretty sure I'll never get bored with the experiences and opportunities that working in video production brings our way. Recently, we've been fortunate enough to begin working on live productions projects. This means 2-5 cameras being live-switched and recorded or streamed to the internet. This is perfect for conferences and talk series as it means more people can attend your conference even if they can't physically be present. It also means that there is little to no post editing time so your production is done when your conference is.

For us it's a great way to provide an awesome level of quality at a cost that makes you ask: "Why aren't we doing this." The level of production we aim for is the TED talks and major conferences from Apple, Google, Microsoft, etc. Being a full production house we're also able to provide the other digital elements: teasers, trailers, promos, tags, and any promotional design. The videos above are examples of several of these. To see the conference videos you can check them on the conference's youtube page.

Check out a few pictures from the live production setup:


Snow Mobile 2014


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