We do graphics!


We recently took over the major graphic work for one of our clients.  This is a terrific step forward in terms of workflow.  Often times much of preproduction on a motion project is spent corralling digital assets.  This can quickly grow cumbersome as blowing up low resolution images, and stealing images from pdfs IS NOT a productive way to go.

Now that we manage the design presentation for the client's video and print, we can use high quality images in whatever format we need.  This makes for a great efficiency of workflow.  Here's an example of the print brochure we created a while back, and the postcard created this week.

The brochure was based off of graphics from the clients recent t-shirt design (noticeably the scrolly octopus/jellyfish object). This project was done at the end of 2010.


Fast forward 4 months and the client wants to create a post card to send out as a reminder. We were able to move quickly with this project and in half a day, including reviews, we had a final project. Creating the original assets for the marketing campaign allowed us to provide a quick turn around on the project which translates directly to lower cost for our client. Big win on both sides.

So, what graphic work can we do for you ;)?

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